OX Pro 100ml one shot oil

  • Semi synthetic two-stroke oil one shot
  • This will meet the lubrication requirements of all
  • modern static two-stroke engines

OX Pro heavy duty flexi tub

  • Polyethylene flex tub
  • Available in either 20L or 42L capacity

OX Trade 15L black bucket

  • 15 Litre - 3 Gallon capacity
  • Black plastic bucket

OX Trade permanant line marker spray 750ml

  • Suitable for all road marking systems
  • High colour pigment & fast drying

OX Trade solid forged 4 prong fork

  • Solid forged 4 prong fork
  • Steel shaft

OX Trade solid forged cable laying shovel

  • All steel cable laying shovel
  • Solid forged blade

OX Trade solid forged square mouth shovel

  • All steel square mouth shovel
  • Solid forged blade

OX Trade solid forged taper mouth shovel

  • All steel taper mouth shovel
  • Solid forged blade

OX Trade solid forged trenching shovel

  • All steel trenching shovel
  • Solid forged blade

Roughneck Gorilla Gripper

Roughneck Gorilla Gripper is a safe and easy way to grip, lift and carry all types of sheet materials, doors and worktops. Made from aircraft quality aluminium with special rubber gripping pads. Significantly reduces stress and potential injuries to your back, shoulders, neck, hands and fingers. A must for those handling large cumbersome boards and doors on a daily basis.

Soft grip cushioned handle with 3 sizes available, up to 19mm, 10 to 28mm and 35 to 50 mm, to handle the majority of board and door thicknesses.

RRP £86.96

OUR OFFER PRICE £24.99 + VAT (£29.99 inc vat)

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Cheaper than you will find on the internet (average price online is approx £50)